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silk ribbon flowersWelcome friends,

I am an artist, a writer, a mom and a wife. I have lived, loved and laughed as often as life has allowed. I have created most of my life, not all of it I would call art, but all of it came from my heart.  I promise to endeavor to bring you one of a kind, unique creative expressions from my hands to your eyes.  May you enjoy perusing through these entries, and if you are interested you can find more of my work here:
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Happy day to you, and come back again real soon! Christen J. Brown

The Embroidery Corner

The Embroidery Corner

The Embroidery Corner is a 16-week course that can be started at any time during the 16 weeks. The course will introduce the student to hand embroidery techniques including traditional, silk ribbon, raised and textured, and beaded stitches.

Each class will cover one embroidery stitch and it’s variations; or several related stitches and variations. These stitches included border row, decorative and detail stitches.

It is required that you buy my book Embroidered and Embellished as I refer to the book during each class. You will receive a handout for each class, which explains the stitch, how to use the stitch, and the variations of the stitch. Most stitches will be worked in floss, perle cotton, silk embroidery ribbon and metallic threads.

The stitches include: chainstitchsamplerWeek 1 Chain Stitch

sampleWeek 2 Lazy Daisy Stitch

outlinestitchsamplersmallWeek 3 Outline Stitchessampler

Week 4 Knots and Detail Stitches

blanketstitchsamplerWeek 5 Blanket Stitch

blanketbuttonshapessamplerWeek 6 Blanket and Buttonhole Shapes

flystitchsamplerWeek 7 Fly Stitch

feathersamplerWeek 8 Feather Stitch

WovenStitchsmallWeek 9 Raised and Textured Part 1: Woven Stitches

Week 10 Raised and Textured Part 2: Whip Stitches

crosshercretansamplerWeek 11 Cross, Herringbone and Cretan Stitches

loopedstitchsamplersmallWeek 12 Looped Stitches

 Week 13 Couched Stitches (sample coming soon)

raisedtexturedsmallsamplerWeek 14  Raised and Textured Part 3: Bullion Stitches

    Week 15 Raised and Textured Part 4: Cast-on Buttonhole and Tatted Stitches

Week 16 Beaded Extras (sample coming soon)

At the end of the course you will have a sampler for each stitch, which you can turn into a book of stitches.

These classes are $20 per visit, and are held every Tuesday from 10:00 – 12:00 at

Beverly’s Fabrics,
6185 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111

If you are interested in attending, please contact me:


Until then, Happy Stitching! ~Christen

May Classes

As you may know I am now teaching at Beverly’s Fabrics in San Diego, here are the classes for May 2015.

I will be teaching the Embroidery Corner on Tuesdays, covering one stitch and it’s variations a week. The stitches for May are the Blanket Stitch 5-5-15, Blanket and Buttonhole Shapes 5-12-15, Fly Stitch 5-19-15, and the Feather Stitch 5-26-15.


I will also be teaching Ribbonwork Technique classes the second Thursday of each month. The first class will cover Ruching Techniques 5-14-15. I will go over the many variations of stitch lengthes and uses, from flowers to fancy trims.ruching techniques, ribbon, ribbonworkI will also be starting a series of classes covering silk ribbon embroidery, held on the fourth Thursday of each month. The first class will be the Ribbon Embroidered Brooch 5-28-15. This pretty little brooch is the perfect size, to be given as a gift or to keep for yourself. Four of the basic embroidery stitches will be covered: woven rose, chain stitch, lazy daisy, French knot.


If you want to sign up for any of the classes, just contact me. Hope to see you there!

Happy Stitching, ~Christen

Ribbonwork Flowers: Wreaths

I wanted to share the wreaths that I have included in my book, Ribbonwork Flowers. I have a fondness for wreaths, and had fun putting together the components for each of the following ones.

sweet wreathThe “Sweet Wreath” started with a wire base, that is covered with ruched grosgrain ribbon. The flowers include the Double Posy, Fancy Rosette, Star Point Petal flower, Knotted Ruffled Posy, Boat Gather Petal flower, and a Rosette.

spools and tools wreath“Spools and Tools” started with a base of vintage wooden spools that are strung on a wire base. I wrapped the spools with a novelty ribbon, that had images of seed packages. The center piece is a pair of garden sheers that were my grandmothers. Each grouping of blue, red and yellow flowers is set into a vintage thimble with advertising on it. I also included Rosettes made from novelty ribbon with a button center, and lady bugs made from grosgrain ribbon. To finish the wreath I added vintage buttons and vintage tin butterflies.

rustic garlandThe “Rustic Garland” started with a fabulous plaid grosgrain ribbon that I found on sale at Joannes Fabrics. The brown grosgrain came from a friend who worked for Harry and Davids, the burgundy ribbon came off of a pillow that I bought and the turquoise twill tape is from the Martha Stewart collection. The remaining double sided satin, jacquard and sheer ribbons were found in my stash.

mariposa fall wreath“Mariposa Fall” wreath started with a wire base, covered in vintage celluloid and Bakelite buttons sprinkled with gold-tone and copper butterflies. I died most of the ribbons, except for the Hannah bias silk that I made the pansies from. The remaining flowers are the Rosette, the Posy, English Miss and Simple Flower.

Thank you for looking, and Happy Stitching! ~Christen

Ribbonwork Flowers: Jewelry

Many of you may know of my love for jewelry, and you know that it also includes ribbonwork, laced and buttons. Here are the pieces that were included in my new book, Ribbonwork Flowers.

chantillyladieslaccuffChantilly Ladies Lace Cuff, started with a base of meshed lace and silk fabric. the lace, appliques, ribbons, threads and embroidery ribbons were dyed with Colorhue dyes. The flowers are “Knotted Posy”, “English Miss” and “Puck’s Rose:.

daisychainDaisy Chain started with a base of 3/8″ satin ribbon. I stitched “rosettes” made from satin ribbon stitched with a cotton ruffle edge lace. I stitched buttons in the center of the rosettes, and buttons between the rosettes.

crochetcollarPretty in Pink collar started with a vintage crochet collar that I found at a thrift store. It is adorned with silk habotai ribbon “star point petal” flowers and satin “simple leaves”. These are stitched with acrylic flowers and leaves and seed beads.

peapodbraceletPeapods and Roses bracelet started with a base of cotton grosgrain ribbon. I added “peapods” made from French wire and silk bias ribbon. The “English Miss” roses are made from silk bias ribbon, with satin and grosgrain ribbon flowers. I added in vintage stamens, buttons and strawberry charms.

punkyrosePunky Rose necklace started with a base of velvet ribbon trimmed with velvet rickrack braid. The center is a “rose bud center” is made from silk satin ribbon; with “rosette” edging made from lace, satin and novelty ribbons. Ribbonwork “rosettes” adorned with vintage rhinestone buttons, vintage charms, vintage rhinestone trim and a little “bling” bee finish off the necklace.

funkyjunkysteampunkyFunky Junky Steampunky bracelet started with a woven base of satin, novelty ribbon and velvet rickrack trims. The posies are made with zipper trim and satin ribbon. Vintage buttons, cardboard coins, rhinestone trim, appliques, lace, and charms finish off the design.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen

Ribbonwork Flowers: Bouquets

I wanted to share a few of the gallery pieces that I made for my book Ribbonwork Flowers, published by C&T. The directions are offered in the book for all of the flowers and leaves that are included in the bouquets.

rosette vaseThis is a vintage china creamer filled with Rosette flowers made from satin ribbon in 7/8″ and 5/8″ widths. The china pattern is called Sweet Pea, made by Royal Winton during the 30’s and 40’s, and is one of my favorites.

brideschoice2“Bride’s Choice”, started with an old salt shaker. I thought that the holes at the top would make a perfect “frog” to organize the flowers. I covered the shaker with a vintage piece of cotton lace, and satin ribbon. The flowers are made from a variety of  silk bias, satin and grosgrain ribbons in 3/8″ and 5/8″ widths. I also included a few buttons to fill out the bouquet.

grandduchess“Grand Duchess”, started with a sterling silver knife handle, that my dad had made for me. I filled it with the Grand Duchess flower made from two different widths of satin ribbon. The leaves are made from vintage velvet ribbon, with a few vintage milliner’s roses and leaves placed in the background.handmaiden“Red and White Vase” started with an antique arm from a china doll. I covered the arm with bits of vintage lace. I used grosgrain, satin, novelty and jacquard ribbons for the flowers. I chose the Lily of the Valley, Sweetheart’s Flower, Calla Lily, Star Point Petal Flower and Boat Gather Petal Flowers.japanesewallhanging “Geisha’s Delight” also started with a sterling silver knife that my dad made for me. I used a variety of materials including vintage velvet, grosgrain, satin, and jacquard ribbons; vintage stamens and vintage beads. The flowers are the Cup and Saucer Vine, Rosette, Star Point Petals (stitched onto the velvet Rosette), and Puck’s Rose.

Happy Stitching, and may your gardens always bloom! ~Christen

Embroidered With Love, San Diego Quilt Show

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching my class “Embroidered With Love” for the San Diego Quilt Show, this coming September 12, 2015. You can sign up here.

embroideredwithloveDo you love hearts and embroidery as I do? These lovely little ornaments are perfect for any holiday or gift from the heart! Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or a beginner this class is for you. There are five basic heart shapes with to choose from. All you need to create these lovely ornaments are a few basic embroidery stitches and a little bit of imagination.

Hope to see you there! Happy Stitching~Christen

Happy Easter!

easter greetingsI just put together some of my thrift store finds, and wanted to share them as a greeting card.

easterwreathHere is a wreath that I re-made, because all of the Styrofoam eggs fell off the original wreath. I added in some ribbon for the glue to stick to, and voila! A few paper flowers and some lilies did the trick.

I hope that all of the eggs you find are filled with chocolate, and good stuff. Happy day to all….