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silk ribbon flowersWelcome friends,

I am an artist, a writer, a mom and a wife. I have lived, loved and laughed as often as life has allowed. I have created most of my life, not all of it I would call art, but all of it came from my heart.  I promise to endeavor to bring you one of a kind, unique creative expressions from my hands to your eyes.  May you enjoy perusing through these entries, and if you are interested you can find more of my work here:
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Happy day to you, and come back again real soon! Christen J. Brown

International Fall Quilt Festival


I am excited to announce that I will be teaching again at the Fall International Quilt Festival, held in Houston, Texas. This is the 40th year that the show has been held, and let me tell you, this will be an exciting event! Click the banner above or here for the link to class signups.


Note: Click the “Classes” link for each day; a PDF of the full class listings will open. Click the class itself, and many classes have project photos that you can see. Click on the title to see if one is available. For my classes I have linked the picture to the class.

Wednesday, October 29: Classes

I will be teaching Tandletons- Traditional Embroidery Stitches” and Fabrics to Dye For”.

Thursday, October 30: Classes

I will be teaching the Button Nose Pansy brooch”; Mixed Media Miscellany seminar I will be giving a presentation on  “Creatively Collaged Concoctions”.

Friday, October 31: Classes

Friday’s Sampler seminar I will be giving a presentation on “What’s in your Button Box?”; and teaching “Bohemian Button Bracelet”.

Saturday, November 1: Classes

Saturday’s Sampler seminar I will be giving a presentation on “All That Glitters”; and teaching “Ribbons To Dye For”.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Stitching, ~Christen


Friday’s Favorites: Daffodils

ribbonwork daffodilFlowers are one of my favorite things to make. Daffodils however are not really my favorite flower, but they are my friend Phred’s favorite, and he is my one of my favorites.

ribbonwork daffodilsMy friend and his life partner Tom, are getting married this weekend, and he asked if I would be his flower girl, just because I could make the flowers! LOL. So it started with four flowers (one for he and his partner, my husband and me), and now we are up to 16 people and you guessed it 16 flowers.

My husband will be uniting the couple, Phred’s sister and friend will be the matron’s of honor, my daughter and her friend will be the “bubble girls” (blowing bubbles instead of throwing rice), and I will also pitch in as the photographer (because I have the camera).

Happy Life to you my friends!

With Love, ~Christen


Glance from my work table

work tableWell I have been busy with small projects, finishing up pieces that were set aside so that I could finish other projects. This is the piece that I am currently working on.

small works

As I work, I often pull out finished pieces, so that I can remind myself how I worked out colors, or stitches on other projects. So I have lined the back of my work table with some of the smaller works that I have finished.

small worksI am currently finishing up the photography for my third book, and as you can see, getting ready to propose another title.

Happy Stitching to all, ~Christen

Booth at the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds-2014

This April my daughter and I attended the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds presentation of Meet the Teacher. It was a fabulous event, where guild members were introduced to perspective teachers.

boothpic4Each teacher had a table, set up with their samples and teaching information. It was great to be there, especially with Gwen, as she helped so much!

boothpic1Here I am with some of the class samples, and wearing one of my garments from my lecture “Vintage Redressed”.

I have several lectures and classes that I teach for guilds and groups. If you are interested in hiring me for a lecture and to teach for your guild, please contact me at:


Happy Stitching! Enjoy ~Christen

View From The Red Planet….

I found time to clean up the work room, and came across several small projects that have been waiting to be completed. So I hope to dedicate the next few months to completing some of these.

This is the first project, made from left-overs bits of this and that from a class that I teach, “Embellished Silk Treasures”.

The base is made from split silk cocoons, which were adhered to Lutrador, then machine embellished with gold threads. This was then embellished further with bits of painted vilene, fabric circles. A few embroidery and beading stitches enhance the components.

view from the redplanet

Happy Stitching to all! ~Christen

New Classes For Joggles

I have three new classes that I will be teaching for Joggles this Spring/Summer Session:

A Crazy Lady’s Handbag: 4 lessons $48.00, beginning on June 6, 2014

Lesson 1: In this class you will stitch the base of your purse, using my crazy log cabin piecing technique. The threads, ribbons and additional components will be explained, with an easy guide to color theory and how to use all of the materials effectively. Stitch placement and suggestions will be discussed.

a crazy lady's handbag
Lesson 2: In this class the base embroidery stitches will be covered which include: chained blanket, cretan, chevron, herringbone, curved blanket, closed blanket, long arm feather, feathered chain, chain/feather, fern, stem, crested blanket, cable, double-dip blanket, Basque, wheatear, open chain, and scroll.

crazy lady's handbagLesson 3: In this class you will learn the decorative stitches including detached chain, French knot, square petal bud, double detached chain, whip, granito, looped French knot, fly, iris, split ribbon, bullion tipped detached chain, caught detached chain, closed chain fan, straight stitch, and caught straight stitch.

crazy ladys handbagLesson 4: In this class you will learn the larger silk ribbon embroidered and ribbonwork flowers including the briar rose, pansy, heart shaped leaf, old rose, gathered rosette, four petal flower, straight stitch leaf, spider, and butterfly. Extra details will also be covered such as using seed beads, sequins, and buttons. Directions for the purse assembly will be included.

Fern’s Hanging Garden: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 18, 2014

ferns hanging gardenLesson 1: This class will cover color and theme choices and organizing your stash. Then you will measure your wrist and stitch the base row of beads, and attach the button closure and loop.

ferns hanging garden
Lesson 2: This class will start with the first row of dangles, which will be the branch fringe. The next row will be the dangles and charms. The final row will be additional glass bead dangles and loops.

Zembroodlery: 3 lessons $30.00, beginning on August 1, 2014

zembroodleryLesson 1: The base of the felt is first cut into shapes, which are reverse appliquéd with additional pieces and colors of felt. Soutache trim is then stitched to the appliquéd shapes.
Lesson 2: The beading begins! Several different bead combinations will be explored using size 11, 8 and 6 seed beads. Sequins and larger beads will also be used.

Lesson 3: Additional rows of soutache trim are added to fill in the design. Then beads, buttons, and more are stitched in and around the new rows. Suggestions for finishing the base will also be given.

Hope that you see something of interest!

Happy Stitching to all my friends, ~Christen

Spring/Summer Classes Teaching Session for Joggles

Well it is that time of year again, and here is the line-up for my classes that I will be teaching for Joggles.com in the next few months!

Embroidered From the Heart: 2 lessons, $29.00 beginning on May 20th, 2014

embroidered from the heart1

These lovely little ornaments are perfect for any holiday or gift from the heart! Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or a beginner this class is for you. There are five basic heart shapes with thirteen different sizes. There are fifteen designs; ten ornament size and five mini ornaments. All you need to create these lovely ornaments are a few basic embroidery and beading techniques and a little bit of imagination.

Madelaine’s Choker: 2 lessons, $25.00 beginning on begin on May 22, 2014

beaded necklace, beads, buttons, charmsEveryone loves this piece, both in the making and the wearing. The style is timeless, and the possibilities for design endless. This necklace starts with a two-needle right angle ladder stitched base. Once the base is complete one needle sets off to create the dangles, which can be freshwater pearls, glass beads or vintage glass treasures, while the other needle adds a finished edge to the top of the necklace. A beautiful button or bead can be used for the closure. The dangles and embellishments can be simple and elegant or encrusted and fantastic, this is where your imagination can soar!

Kitten Kaboodles: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on May 23, 2014

Kitten KaboodlesLiterally a “caboodle” of kittens! Let me introduce you to Chester, Charlie and Felix, they are surely pleased to welcome your acquaintance! These wonderfully colored fellows and gal are made from simple ingredients, felt, floss, and bit of stuffing.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment: 4 lessons $48.00, beginning on June 3, 2014

Beginning Embroidery with Bead EmbellishmentThis is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. Directions include a simple strip pieced base that you make in the first class, but you can embroider on an already made crazy quilted block from another class.

A variety of stitches are used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms

Tandletons: 2 lessons $29.00, beginning on June 5, 2014

tandletonsTandletons=Tatted/needle lace/buttons.

These little threaded works of art are just so much fun to make. I start with a base made from 1″ silk bias ribbon, stuffed with Polyfil. Your Tandeltons will finish at about 1″. All of the stitches are created with a milliner’s needle, cotton and silk threads, silk embroidery ribbon or beads. The techniques that will be covered in class are Traditional Embroidery, Tatted stitches, Needle lace, Beaded Stitches, and Silk Ribbon Embroidery stitches.

**NEW** A Crazy Lady’s Handbag: 4 lessons $48.00, beginning on June 6, 2014

a crazy lady's handbag This beautiful pieced bag is embellished with hand embroidery using perle cotton, cotton floss and silk embroidery ribbon. Additional details can be added in using seed beads, buttons and charms. Many embroidery stitches will be explored including base row stitches, decorative stitches, ribbon embroidered and ribbonwork flowers, and of course those special extra details.

Tandleton Rose Bracelet: 2 lessons $24.00, beginning on June 17, 2014

silk ribbon, embroidery, braceletsThese bracelets are so feminine, pretty and dainty, and perfect for your spring wardrobe! Each little beauty is made from a piece of bias ribbon that is first stitched and stuffed into a pillow shape. Each of these individual pillows is then embroidered with silk ribbon and embroidery threads, creating a rose, leaves and a vine.

You have two styles of bracelet to choose from. The “Ring of Roses” is made up entirely of embroidered ribbon pillows, strung with beads and has a glass button for the closure. The “Band of Roses” is made from a ribbon base, covered in vintage ribbon with a few of the embroidered pillows stitched on top; a dainty embroidered button and hand-stitched button loop are the closure.

Gingerbread Details And Decorative Trims: 2 lessons $30.00, beginning on June 19, 2014

ribbonwork trims, ribbons, details, gingerbread trimsGirls of all ages love ribbon, trims and frills, and these 28 trims gathered here would be no exception. Many of these edgings and trims use vintage techniques turning ordinary ribbon into detailed extraordinary couture trims. The simple techniques that are used to create these decorations range from folded, braided, wrapped and sewn. These trims can be used to turn thrift store clothing into couture, transform pieced CQ work above and beyond, and mixed media projects into fabulous works of art.

Textured & Treated Reticule: 3 lessons $38.00, beginning on July 1, 2014

textured and treated reticuleThis class is full of cool techniques; it will be hard to decide which one is your favorite! First you will stitch your fabric, shrinking it and manipulating it into a textural base. Next you will create a mesh of specialty threads and covered tendrils or branches. Embellishments and embroidery will include hand applied rayon cord, needlelace, shisha mirrors, and beading. Directions will be given to make a four-sided purse which measures 8.5″ when opened by 5.5″ deep; however you could use your own pattern to make a pillow or wall hanging the choice is yours.

Beadoodlery: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 3, 2014

beadoodleryThis is an excellent beginning class to learn about beads, free-form stitched bead embroidery, with a step-by-step illustration of the design process. In Beadoodlery you will stitch beads onto to a fabric base to create a “doodled” bead pattern. I will provide 4 different heart shapes, though you can chose any design you like for the base.

Phatt Matt & Friends: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 8, 2014

felt catsIf you are a cat lover, this cuddly felt cat is your guy! Matt is made from three or four colors of felt, adorned with a few embroidery stitches and buttons. This is a great simple project that can be completed in a few days, or over a weekend. The colors that you choose can be life-like or more contemporary, matching a theme or your décor. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with this friendly guy.

Garden At Versailles Bracelet: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 10, 2014

beaded braceletButtons, beads, charms and more adorn this bracelet made for a queen. The two main components are the base, which can be a plain or patterned ribbon; and the buttons, which can be new or vintage, glass, plastic or metal. The rest is all about beads, glass charms and your imagination.

**NEW** Fern’s Hanging Garden: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 18, 2014

ferns hanging gardenThis romantic bracelet is a luscious display of branch fringe ferns, charm dangles, and glass beads. It rests nicely on the wrist, and will display all of your treasured beads and dangles with flare. The three separate rows of stitched beads include branch fringe, charm dangles, and glass bead dangles. This project will take about 20 hours to complete, but is well worth the time!

Scarves To Dye For: 2 lessons $30.00, beginning on July 22, 2014

scarves to dye forDo you find yourself wishing “if only I had scarf that had all of my favorite colors in it”? If your answer is YES, then let me invite you to take a colorful journey into the realm of dyeing your own RTD (ready to dye) scarves, lace and silk ribbons. I will teach you how to prepare your scarf blank, the lace and ribbons then dye them to create one of a kind, creative and colorful wearable masterpiece! In this class you will be using Colorhue Dyes, no other dye will be discussed.

Fabulucious Felt Florals: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 24, 2014

felt flowersThese fast and easy flowers are just fun, fun, fun! Create a brooch, hair ornament, or decorate an object with these colorful, creative floral beauties. Several different flowers, leaves and embellishments will be made using a variety of shapes with the addition of machine and hand embroidery.

**NEW** Zembroodlery: 3 lessons $30.00, beginning on August 1, 2014

zembroodlery1This is a fun and creative class that uses felt, soutache trim and seed beads to create a colorful base that can be used as a wall hanging, or a pillow. It is an excellent class to learn about free form stitched bead embroidery using the shapes of the felt as a design element. The project in is all hand-sewn, with no sewing machine needed.

New Fangled Dangle: 2 lessons $22.00, beginning on August 5, 2014

beads, buttons, charms, bracletThis bracelet reminds me of the charm bracelet my Grandmother gave me for my 10th birthday. The base row of large beads can also include buttons and then is adorned with charms and additional beads. All of the beads can be different, similar or even the same, and it will still look beautiful. This is the perfect piece of jewelry for any wardrobe, or to give as a gift for that special friend.

Gathering Autumn’s Harvest: 2 lessons $20.00, beginning on August 7, 2014

gatheringautumnsharvestCountry images of old barns resting off even older dirt roads, family and friends and cooked turkeys and pumpkin pie. That is what autumn means to me. I absolutely love all of the rich autumn colors: chestnut, golden umber, warm maple, cinnamon and pumpkin. I have put together a few things that will help make your autumn decorations for your home more memorable.

Hope that you see something of interest!

Happy Stitching to all my friends, ~Christen