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Strip TZZZ

Strip TZZZ

This 8-week class focuses on combining the stitches that were covered in the Embroidery Corner as border rows, decorative stitches and detail stitches. This is a no-sew project using cut fabric strips that are fused to a muslin square, some hand stitching may be required.

The first week will be used to design and create the base. The following weeks will be used to embroider each strip with a border row, and then add in decorative and detail stitches using embroidery threads such as perle cotton and cotton floss. The finished project can be turned into a pillow or a wall hanging. My book Embroidered and Embellished is a required supply. Student must be familiar with both thread and bead embroidery stitches before class, as no stitches will be demonstrated. Student must also be familiar with and have some knowledge of beads and their sizes before class.

Week 1: Creating The Base $20.00

Make a swatch chart, and assign color names and numbers to your fabrics. Learn to create a no-sew fabric base that does not require any machine sewing. Some hand sewing may be needed to finish the square.

Week 2: Embroidered Rows $20.00

Create a color chart for components, using “Christen’s Color Theory” or your own. Begin the embroidery for the border rows.

Week 3: Embroidered Rows $20.00

Continue to embroider border rows.

Week 4: Decorative Stitches $20.00

Embroider decorative stitches with thread on, around and off the border rows.

Week 5: Decorative Stitches $20.00

Embroider decorative stitches with beads. Student must be familiar with and have some knowledge of beads and their sizes before class.

Week 6: Detail Stitches $20.00

Embroidered small detail stitches both with threads and beads. Student must be familiar with and have some knowledge of beads and their sizes before class.

Week 7: Buttons, Charms and other Details $20.00

The final touches will include embroidered and beaded buttons; stitched charms and more.

Week 8: Finishing $20.00

Variety of bindings, stabilizers, and finishing touches.


This class is not currently scheduled.

Beverly’s Fabrics,
6185 Balboa Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111

For information on the series, and if you are interested in attending, please contact me:


Until then, Happy Stitching! ~Christen


Classes in Progress

This month is a busy month for me, I am teaching three classes a week for the entire month. Here are a few examples of the progress from the first day of each class.

This is a sample Creative Thread Embroidery with Christen Brown     $35.00

raised stitch embroideryWe worked on the base, and then stitched in the larger flowers which are whipped stitch rose, bullion knot rose, buttonhole rose and buttonhole wheel. I used a variety of threads including pearl cotton, stranded silk floss, rayon floss and variegated cotton floss.

A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Embellishing with Christen Brown     $45.00

CQ blockThis is an example of the CQ block that I worked on for the class. The first day we worked on laying out the ribbon, trims, laces and appliques, then stitching them down with a variety of embroidery stitches. I really like the little spider web, and the leaf trim (purchased at Joggles) is great!

Scrumptious Hearts with Christen Brown     $38.00

lace baseFirst we worked on creating our lace base from precious bits of ribbon, trim and lace.

dyed ribbonThen we dyed our ribbons and silk ribbon for embroidery.

Busy, busy! But what great fun we are having, hope to see you in a class!

Enjoy, Christen


New Clases for Fall at Joggles

Well it is that time of year again! New samples have been made, old favorites have returned, and the schedule has been set! Here is what I will be offering at Joggles.com this fall.

*NEW* Beadoodlery 2 lessons/$25.00 beginning September 20, 2011.

free-form bead embroideryThis is an excellent beginning class to learn about beads, free-form stitched bead embroidery, with a step-by-step illustration of the design process. In Beadoodlery you will stitch beads onto to a fabric base to create a “doodled” bead pattern. I will provide 4 different heart shapes, though you can chose any design you like for the base.

*Returning Favorite* Jardin de Grandmere 2 lessons/$22.00 beginning September 23, 2011

circular peyote stitchElegant and pretty is the best description for this bracelet. The flower medallion is created with a circular peyote stitch. These circular peyote medallions reminded me of the “Grandmother’s Garden” quilt block. When looking at fabric yo-yos stitched in floral seed sacks or vintage cottons, I imagined a garden of beaded flowers. The dimension is created by using three different sizes of seed beads. The stitch can be used to create a single or double row of flowers, with a beautiful button closure to finish off your bracelet.

*Returning Favorite* Creative Thread Embroidery 3 lessons/$35.00 beginning October 4, 2011

raised stitch embroideryExplore the possibilities and broaden your creative stitched repertoire to add to your CQ and other embroidery projects. We will work the embroidery stitches using a variety of threads such as pearl cotton; buttonhole twist; rayon and cotton floss on a fabric base that you can use later as needle case.
Some stitches will blend thread to create new colors and textures. The dimensional embroidery stitches that will be covered are bullion knot, cast on buttonhole, drizzle, woven, whipped and tatted. Traditional stitches such as the buttonhole, chain stitch, feather stitch, feather stitch leaf, French knot, lazy daisy, pistol stitch and straight stitch will be also covered.

* NEW* A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Embellishing 4 lessons/$45.00 beginning October 6, 2011

crazy piece embellishingDo you have a crazy pieced block or quilt top perhaps from A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Piecing that is just waiting to be encrusted with embroidery, ribbonwork, and embellishment? In this class I will cover many techniques that you can use to create a unique and beautiful heirloom piece that will be passed down from family member to member. Please note that there will be no instructions to make or finish the block or quilt.

*Returning Favorite* Scrumptious Hearts 3 lessons/$38.00 beginning October 7, 2011

scraps of lace with ribbon flowersBits and pieces of cherished lace are melded with silk fabric to form a beautiful heart shaped base for your floral design. Chose from a few different heart shapes and ribbon worked floral vignettes, or create your own. The melded silk and lace base and the RTD silk ribbons for the ribbon work flowers and the silk ribbon embroidery are dyed with the Colorhue dyes. This is an excellent way to use up small amounts of this and that to form an heirloom brooch to be treasured.

*NEW* Kelp Scarf 2 lessons/$20.00 beginning October 25, 2011

machine stitched threads and yarnsIn class you will make stitched “mesh” from strips and scraps of fabric, decorative yarns, ribbons and metallic or rayon threads. The result will be a lightweight, colorful scarf that can be worn all year round.

*NEW* Beadazzled Stitches 4 lessons/$45.00 beginning November 4, 2011

bead embroideryDo you love embroidery? Have you ever embroidered with beads? This is the perfect class for you to learn how to combine these two techniques. I will give you directions to make a simple strip-pieced base made from batik fabrics or if you have a CQ base already made you can work on that in class. This class takes you on a journey that explores beads, embroidery and other embellishments.

*NEW* Silk Ribbon Brooches 2 lessons/$20.00 beginning November 8, 2011

silk ribbon embroidery broochesThis class is a great introduction to silk embroidery ribbons, buttonhole twist, decorative threads and a few basic embroidery stitches. Make this lovely little brooch from one of the three different shapes and garden designs to give as a gift or to keep for your self. The embroidery stitches that will be covered are the woven rose, feather stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy, and French knot.

*NEW* Fabuloucious Felt Florals 2 classes/$25.00 beginning November 22, 2011

felt flowersThese fast and easy flowers are just fun, fun, fun! Create a brooch, hair ornament, or decorate an object with these colorful, creative floral beauties. Several different flowers, leaves and embellishments will be made using a variety of shapes with the addition of machine and hand embroidery.

Hope to see you in class! Enjoy all that you do, every single day! Christen