A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Embellishment: class/tutorial

A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Embellishment: 4 lessons/ $48.00

crazy pieced base with embroideryDo you have a crazy pieced block or quilt top perhaps from A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Piecing that is just waiting to be encrusted with embroidery, ribbonwork, and embellishment? In this class I will cover many techniques that you can use to create a unique and beautiful heirloom piece that will be passed down from family member to member. Please note that there will be no instructions to make or finish the block or quilt.

Skill Level Advanced: embroidery, ribbonwork and beading knowledge needed

Lesson 1: We will cover the embroidery threads, and the basic embroidery stitches. These will be used to embellish the seams and bits of extra lace and trims.

Lesson 2: We will cover ribbonwork flowers and leaves made from bits of ribbon and trims that will be used in small floral vignettes or within and embroidered row.

Lesson 3: We will cover silk ribbon embroidered stitches that will be built off the base stitches, and also be used in small floral vignettes. I will also cover flowers and leaves that can be stitched with traditional embroidery stitches.

Lesson 4: We will cover the embellishments such as glass seed beads, sequins, buttons and additional embellishments. These can be used on the embroidery stitches or as an extra bit of glamor here and there.

Class Information

These classes can be purchased at any time, there is no set schedule.The class can be ordered by contacting Christen: thestoreonthecorner@gmail.com. She will send you an invoice through PayPal.

Once the class is paid for, the supply list will be sent out. The lessons will begin one week after the purchase of the class, unless otherwise stated. You will receive an email with the lesson attached. The following lesson/s will arrive one week after the previous lesson.

A high speed internet connection is recommended, and you must have basic computer and internet skills. You will need to be able know how to download and save a document to your computer’s hard drive, open it and print out a copy.

You can contact Christen with any questions pertaining to the class/class information throughout the length of the class.

Class fees will not be refunded.

Happy Stitching!






2 thoughts on “A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Embellishment: class/tutorial

  1. Good afternoon Kristen I am very interested in taking this class. I have knowledge on how to make a crazy block – I have made many crazy quilts, but I have never embellished any of them with ribbon, beads or very many types of embroidery. Is this a class that I would benefit and learn from? I see that this is an intermediate class but I do not know how to do any beading, not many embroidery stitches or ribbon work – will I still be able to take this class?

    I love the picture of the picture that is displayed for the class.

    Thanks Christen – I look forward to hearing from you. When will this class start – I see I need to notify you that I am interested and then you will send me a paypal invoice. after the invoice is paid a supply list will be sent. what is the timeline for the class to begin from the time I receive the supply list to the actual class. I want to be able to make some crazy patch blocks prior to the official start of the class/tutorial. Also, I see I can download the class/tutorial to my computer. I can refer to the tutorial at anytime on my computer once it is saved – correct?

    Debra Broyles

  2. Hi Debra,
    The classes can be purchased at any time, I am running them per student at this point. It would be helpful if you had some embroidery knowledge, and some understanding of ribbonwork, but not necessarily much beading.
    The classes usually run on a weekly basis, so as I have stated, once you pay, you receive the supply list in order to get prepared. Then I send the first lesson 1 week after that, and so on, unless we work some other arrangement out, say every two weeks.
    If you have any further questions please email me: thestoreonthecorner@gmail.com. It would be much easier to answer that way, and more private if you have other concerns.

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