New Classes For Joggles

I have three new classes that I will be teaching for Joggles this Spring/Summer Session:

A Crazy Lady’s Handbag: 4 lessons $48.00, beginning on June 6, 2014

Lesson 1: In this class you will stitch the base of your purse, using my crazy log cabin piecing technique. The threads, ribbons and additional components will be explained, with an easy guide to color theory and how to use all of the materials effectively. Stitch placement and suggestions will be discussed.

a crazy lady's handbag
Lesson 2: In this class the base embroidery stitches will be covered which include: chained blanket, cretan, chevron, herringbone, curved blanket, closed blanket, long arm feather, feathered chain, chain/feather, fern, stem, crested blanket, cable, double-dip blanket, Basque, wheatear, open chain, and scroll.

crazy lady's handbagLesson 3: In this class you will learn the decorative stitches including detached chain, French knot, square petal bud, double detached chain, whip, granito, looped French knot, fly, iris, split ribbon, bullion tipped detached chain, caught detached chain, closed chain fan, straight stitch, and caught straight stitch.

crazy ladys handbagLesson 4: In this class you will learn the larger silk ribbon embroidered and ribbonwork flowers including the briar rose, pansy, heart shaped leaf, old rose, gathered rosette, four petal flower, straight stitch leaf, spider, and butterfly. Extra details will also be covered such as using seed beads, sequins, and buttons. Directions for the purse assembly will be included.

Fern’s Hanging Garden: 2 lessons $25.00, beginning on July 18, 2014

ferns hanging gardenLesson 1: This class will cover color and theme choices and organizing your stash. Then you will measure your wrist and stitch the base row of beads, and attach the button closure and loop.

ferns hanging garden
Lesson 2: This class will start with the first row of dangles, which will be the branch fringe. The next row will be the dangles and charms. The final row will be additional glass bead dangles and loops.

Zembroodlery: 3 lessons $30.00, beginning on August 1, 2014

zembroodleryLesson 1: The base of the felt is first cut into shapes, which are reverse appliquéd with additional pieces and colors of felt. Soutache trim is then stitched to the appliquéd shapes.
Lesson 2: The beading begins! Several different bead combinations will be explored using size 11, 8 and 6 seed beads. Sequins and larger beads will also be used.

Lesson 3: Additional rows of soutache trim are added to fill in the design. Then beads, buttons, and more are stitched in and around the new rows. Suggestions for finishing the base will also be given.

Hope that you see something of interest!

Happy Stitching to all my friends, ~Christen


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