Fall 2013 Class Line-UP

Once again it is time to announce my Fall class line-up for Joggles.com, here is a link to my list of classes:

New classes:

Creative Thread Embroidery II: 3 lessons beginning October 3, 2013

creative thread embroideryIIThis lavishly stitched heart will make the perfect pin or ornament for any home. The traditional and raised stitches included in this class will add to your embroidery skills, and can be later used in any embroidery or CQ project. You will work the embroidery stitches using a variety of threads such as pearl cotton, buttonhole twist, and cotton floss on a fabric base.

Talisman Dangles: 1 lesson October 24, 2013

talisman dangle earringsThese charming earrings can be created in a few hours, with just a few beads, charms and other components. They don’t require a huge investment, nor do they require a great deal of skill. All they require is the desire to make something beautiful and they are a perfect project for that last minute gift!

Country Cottage Tussy Mussy: 2 lessons beginning November 14, 2013

tussy mussyCreate a charming vintage, feminine or holiday decoration that will fit right in with any décor. Start with a cardboard cone that is covered with decorative papers, greeting cards, and other paper ephemera. This is further embellished with buttons, charms, and cords; ribbon and crochet flowers and more. The vessel will then be filled with fabric, ribbon, lace and felt flowers and leaves.

Popular Classes Returning:

Embroidered From the Heart: 2 lessons beginning on September 17, 2013

embroidered from the heart1These lovely little ornaments are perfect for any holiday or gift from the heart! Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or a beginner this class is for you. There are five basic heart shapes with thirteen different sizes. There are fifteen designs; ten ornament size and five mini ornaments. All you need to create these lovely ornaments are a few basic embroidery and beading techniques and a little bit of imagination.

Tandletons: 2 lessons beginning September 20, 2013

tandletonsTandletons=Tatted/needle lace/buttons.
These little threaded works of art are just so much fun to make. I start with a base made from 1″ silk bias ribbon, stuffed with Polyfil. Your Tandeltons will finish at about 1″. All of the stitches are created with a milliner’s needle, cotton and silk threads, silk embroidery ribbon or beads. The techniques that will be covered in class are Traditional Embroidery, Tatted stitches, Needle lace, Beaded Stitches, and Silk Ribbon Embroidery stitches.

Embellished Silk Treasure: 3 lessons beginning on October 1, 2013

silk painter's hankiesIn this class you will take a two silk painter’s hankies and turn them into a work of art! The hankies will be split, sandwiched, then machine stitched into a framed silk canvas base.
This silken canvas will be embellished with a Painter’s Potpourri Pack full of threads, cocoons, a silk carrier rod and assorted threads. But the embellishments do not stop there! You will make your own beads and button shapes; and cut the pelmet Vilene into strips. These components will then be embroidered to the silk canvas with silk buttonhole twist.
Directions will also be given to make silk ribbon pods and additional fabric beads. A few simple embroidered and beaded stitches will add that final touch, turning this unusual group of materials into a one of a kind Embellished Silk Treasure.

Dyeing To Be Beautiful: 3 lessons beginning on October 4, 2013

dyeing to be beautifulThis technique class will teach you how to successfully dye your own fabrics, laces, ribbons, trims and threads to be used in your creative fiber art adventures. The dyes are easy to use, with simple sewing, pinning or tying resist techniques. These lessons will only cover the use Colorhue dyes, and natural fibers including cotton, silk, rayon, linen and wool. These dyes are easy to work with, non-toxic and self-setting, and best of all they yield beautiful colors every time.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment: 4 lessons beginning October 22, 2013

beginning embroidery with bead embellishmentThis is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. Directions include a simple strip pieced base that you make in the first class, but you can embroider on an already made crazy quilted block from another class.
A variety of stitches are used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms.

Textured and Treated Reticule: 3 lessons beginning November 8, 2013

textured and treated reticuleThis class is full of cool techniques; it will be hard to decide which one is your favorite! First you will stitch your fabric, shrinking it and manipulating it into a textural base. Next you will create a mesh of specialty threads and covered tendrils or branches. Embellishments and embroidery will include hand applied rayon cord, needlelace, shisha mirrors, and beading. Directions will be given to make a four-sided purse which measures 8.5″ when opened by 5.5″ deep; however you could use your own pattern to make a pillow or wall hanging the choice is yours.

Beadazzled Stitches: 4 lessons beginning on November 19, 2013

bead embroideryDo you love embroidery? Have you ever embroidered with beads? This is the perfect class for you to learn how to combine these two techniques. I will give you directions to make a simple strip-pieced base made from batik fabrics or if you have a CQ base already made you can work on that in class. This class takes you on a journey that explores beads, embroidery and other embellishments.

Kelp Scarf: 2 lessons beginning on December 5, 2013

solvy base with yarnsIn class you will make stitched “mesh” from strips and scraps of fabric, decorative yarns, ribbons and metallic or rayon threads. The result will be a lightweight, colorful scarf that can be worn all year round.

Corsages to Dye For 1: 3 lessons beginning on December 6, 2013

hand dyed ribbonworked flowersDo you find yourself wishing “if only I had a ribbon that was this color or that”, or “why didn’t it come in my favorite colors”? If your answer is YES, then let me invite you to take a colorful journey into the realm of dyeing your own RTD (ready to dye) silk ribbons. I will teach you how to prepare your ribbons then dye them to create one of a kind, creative and colorful ribbons. These ribbons will then be turned into magical works of floral art for your own “corsages to dye for”!

Hope to see you in class, happy stitching and enjoy! ~Christen



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