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Spring/Summer Classes Offered

Well it is that time of year, and I have nineteen classes available at! I have seven new classes and twelve returning favorites. Here is the line-up:

New Classes:

buttons, charms, ribbon

Funky Junky Steampunky 3 lessons/$32.00 beginning on May 23, 2013.

R U a punk? Steampunk art reflects a fictional steam-mechanized Victorian era, combining metal gears with ruffles and lace. I have combined both of these qualities in the bracelets and pins offered here, adding in buttons, charms and other fun things. The woven ribbon bracelet has a few ribbonwork flowers, leaves and trims worked onto the surface. And then it is all about the layering; weaving and layering trims, layering ribbons over zipper tape, layering buttons over buttons, layering charms over everything, and don’t forget the BLING! With your leftover bits you can make a brooch to wear with your bracelet. Bring your imagination and join me on the journey!

buttons, lace, ribbon, charms, steampunk
Steampunk Roses 3 lessons/$32.00 beginning June 11, 2013

Roses and Rosettes, lace and ribbon, bling, charms and buttons all come together to create a variety of lovely body adornments. The base of the necklace and brooch are interchangeable. The necklace rose has ribbons layered in a rosette pattern; the brooch rose has a lace rosette with layers of ribbon petals. The center of either can be a button or the small rose bud that is also featured on the bracelet. The necklace can be a single rose as shown with small flowers growing up the cord, or can have several roses stitched to a wide ribbon for a choker.

beads, buttons, charms, braclet

New Fangled Dangle 2 lessons/$22.00 beginning June 27, 2013

This bracelet reminds me of the charm bracelet my Grandmother gave me for my 10th birthday. The base row of large beads can also include buttons and then is adorned with charms and additional beads. All of the beads can be different, similar or even the same, and it will still look beautiful. This is the perfect piece of jewelry for any wardrobe, or to give as a gift for that special friend.

button bracelet, vintage buttons, beads

Bohemian Button Bracelet 2 lessons/$24.00 beginning on July 16, 2013

There are three different styles to choose from, one using all shank buttons, the other using all sew-thru buttons, the third using a combination of discs, shank buttons and ribbons. As a bonus I will also include a short description of the different types of vintage button materials, a cleaning guide, and a description of the different button backings.

beaded necklace, beads, buttons, charms

Madelaine’s Choker 2 lessons/$25.00 beginning on July 30, 2013

Everyone loves this piece, both in the making and the wearing. The style is timeless, and the possibilities for design endless. This necklace starts with a two-needle right angle ladder stitched base. Once the base is complete one needle sets off to create the dangles, which can be freshwater pearls, glass beads or vintage glass treasures, while the other needle adds a finished edge to the top of the necklace. A beautiful button or bead can be used for the closure. The dangles and embellishments can be simple and elegant or encrusted and fantastic.

silk ribbon, embroidery, bracelets
Tandleton Rose Bracelet 2 lessons/$24.00 beginning on August 13, 2013

Each little beauty is made from a piece of bias ribbon that is first stitched and stuffed into a pillow shape. Each of these individual pillows is then embroidered with silk ribbon and embroidery threads, creating a rose, leaves and a vine.
You have two styles of bracelet to choose from.

ribbonwork trims, ribbons, details, gingerbread trims

Gingerbread Details and Decorative Trims 2 lessons/$30.00 beginning on August 27, 2013

Girls of all ages love ribbon, trims and frills, and these 28 trims gathered here would be no exception. Many of these edgings and trims use vintage techniques turning ordinary ribbon into detailed extraordinary couture trims. The simple techniques that are used to create these decorations range from folded, braided, wrapped and sewn. These trims can be used to turn thrift store clothing into couture, transform pieced CQ work above and beyond, and mixed media projects into fabulous works of art.

Returning Classes are:

scraps of lace with ribbon flowersScrumptious Hearts 3 lessons/$38.00 beginning on May 21st, 2013

Lace scraps, ribbonwork, ribbon embroidery.

tandletonsTandletons 2 lessons/$29.00 beginning on May 24, 2013

tatted embroidery, needle lace embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, bead embroidery

flora dora and daisy chain braceletsFlora Dora and Daisy Chain Bracelets 3 lessons/$28.00 beginning on June 6th, 2013

Right angle weave stitched bracelets.

free- form bead embroidery on ribbonOcean Rivers 4 lessons/$45.00 beginning on June 7th, 2013

Free-form peyote stitch embroidery on a ribbon bracelet.

Oliver the OwlOliver the Owl 3 lessons/$28.00 beginning on June 25th, 2013

Stitched and embroidered felt doll.

creative thread embroidery samplesCreative Thread Embroidery 3 lessons/$40.00 beginning on June 5th, 2013

Raised and textured embroidery stitches, worked on an etui.

lace in bloomLace in Bloom 2 lessons/$22.00 beginning on July 18th, 2013

Dyed lace flowers.

pincushion and etuiLog Cabin Heart Etui and Pincushion 3 lessons/$30.00 beginning on July 26th, 2013

Pieced heart shaped etui and pieced pincushion with traditional embroidery stitches.

beaded braceletGarden at Versailles 2 lessons/$25.00 beginning on August 1st, 2013

Bead embroidery on ribbon bracelet.

gathering autumns harvestGathering Autumn’s Harvest 2 lessons/$20.00 beginning on August 15th, 2013

Stitched pumpkins, acorns and fall leaves.

scarves to dye forScarves to Dye For 2 lessons/$30.00 beginning on August 23rd, 2013

Dyed scarves and ribbon.

Hope to see you in class!

Happy Stitching, ~Christen


Booth at the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds-2013

Booth Booth

This past weekend my daughter and I attended the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds presentation of Meet the Teachers.

Here I am with some of the class samples, and wearing one of my wearable art vests.

It was a fabulous event, where guild members were introduced to perspective teachers. Each teacher had a table, set up with their samples and teaching information.

It was great to be there, especially with Gwen, as she helped so much!

If you are interested in hiring me for a lecture and to teach for your guild, please contact me at:

Happy Stitching! Enjoy ~Christen