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Fall Classes for Joggles

It is that time of year again to announce my upcoming Fall Classes for

The first two classes are on the current Summer Schedule, which you can still sign up for. For the Fall Schedule I have 5 new classes, and 8 popular returning classes. Here is the line up:

Beadazzled Stitches  Start Date: August 2 2012 4 lessons/$45.00

bead embroideryDo you love embroidery? Have you ever embroidered with beads? This is the perfect class for you to learn how to combine these two techniques. I will give you directions to make a simple strip-pieced base made from batik fabrics or if you have a CQ base already made you can work on that in class. This class takes you on a journey that explores beads, embroidery and other embellishments.

* New!! Ribbonwork Roses Start Date: August 14, 2012 2 lessons/$20.00

Who could resist this lovely group of ribbonwork roses?
The flowers include: Romantic Rose, Woven Rose, Folded Edge Rose, Lady Ashley Rose, Concertina Rose, Rick Rack Rose, Cabbage Rose, Rolled Rose, Fontana Rose, Chou Rose, Tudor Rose and Irish Rose. These are made from techniques included in my book and some that are not all of the leaves are from the book and will not be covered in the handout.

*New! Oliver the Owl Start Date: September 25 2012 2 lessons/$25.00

What a hoot! Do you love owls if you do then Oliver is definitely your man! He is made from felt, hand pieced and embroidered with a few simple stitches. He stands 7” tall and is 7” wide, and wears a beret that resembles a sunflower. He is the perfect addition to any aviary and autumn mantel.

Tandletons Start Date: September 27, 2012 2 lessons/$29.00

These little threaded works of art are just so much fun to make. I start with a base made from 1″ silk bias ribbon, stuffed with Polyfil. Your Tandeltons will finish at about 1″. All of the stitches are created with a milliner’s needle, cotton and silk threads, silk embroidery ribbon or beads. The techniques that will be covered in class are Traditional Embroidery, Tatted stitches, Needle lace, Beaded Stitches, and Silk Ribbon Embroidery stitches.

*New! Gathering Autumn’s Harvest Start Date: September 28, 2012 2 lessons/$20.00

Country images of old barns resting off even older dirt roads, family and friends and cooked turkeys and pumpkin pie. That is what autumn means to me. I absolutely love all of the rich autumn colors: chestnut, golden umber, warm maple, cinnamon and pumpkin. I have put together a few things that will help make your autumn decorations for your home more memorable.

Scrumptious Hearts Start Date: October 9, 2012 3 lessons/$38.00

Bits and pieces of cherished lace are melded with silk fabric to form a beautiful heart shaped base for your floral design. Chose from a few different heart shapes and ribbon worked floral vignettes, or create your own. The melded silk and lace base and the RTD silk ribbons for the ribbon work flowers and the silk ribbon embroidery are dyed with the Colorhue dyes. This is an excellent way to use up small amounts of this and that to form an heirloom brooch to be treasured.

*New! Lace in Bloom Start Date: October 11, 2012 2 Lessons/$22.00

In this class I will show you a few different techniques that will take bits of lace and magically transform them into five different blooms. The techniques include individual pieces cut or folded into a petal, then sewn into a flower.
Another technique is similar to my Scrumptious Scrap classes, creating a length of scrumptious bits that is turned into a flower. Then some easy peasy rosettes are created with lengths of Viennese lace and ribbon. Each of the blooms is finished off with buttons or a bit of bling. These will make wonderful gifts! Colorhue dyes will be used in this class; no other dyes will be discussed.

Beadoodlery Start Date: October 12, 2012 2 Lessons/$25.00

This is an excellent beginning class to learn about beads, free-form stitched bead embroidery, with a step-by-step illustration of the design process. In Beadoodlery you will stitch beads onto to a fabric base to create a “doodled” bead pattern. I will provide 4 different heart shapes, though you can chose any design you like for the base.

Jardin de Grandmere Start Date: November 6, 2012 2 Lessons/$22.00

Elegant and pretty is the best description for this bracelet. The flower medallion is created with a circular peyote stitch. These circular peyote medallions reminded me of the “Grandmother’s Garden” quilt block.
When looking at fabric yo-yos stitched in floral seed sacks or vintage cottons, I imagined a garden of beaded flowers. The dimension is created by using three different sizes of seed beads. The stitch can be used to create a single or double row of flowers, with a beautiful button closure to finish off your bracelet.

*New! Embroidered From the Heart Start Date: November 8, 2012 2 Lessons/$22.00

Do you love hearts and embroidery as I do? These lovely little ornaments are perfect for any holiday or gift from the heart!
Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or a beginner this class is for you. There are six basic heart shapes with a variety of fourteen sizes total. All you need to create these lovely ornaments are a few basic embroidery and beading techniques and a little bit of imagination.

Ocean Rivers Start Date: November 9, 2012 4 Lessons/$45.00

This class will teach you a little bit about the freedom of expression the “free form peyote stitch” can bring to your technical repertoire. The launching point of your bracelet and your creative explosion will start with a simple grosgrain ribbon, a small collection of buttons, a variety of seed beads in several sizes and colors combined with a few small treasures. Bring your imagination and creative spirit…

Beginning Embroidery With Bead Embellishment Start Date: November 20, 2012 4 Lessons/$45.00

beginning embroidery with bead embellishmentThis is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. Directions include a simple strip pieced base that you make in the first class, but you can embroider on an already made crazy quilted block from another class.
A variety of stitches are used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms.

*New! Scarves To Dye For Start Date: November 30, 2012 2 Lessons/$30.00

Do you find yourself wishing “if only I had scarf that had all of my favorite colors in it”? If your answer is YES, then let me invite you to take a colorful journey into the realm of dyeing your own RTD (ready to dye) scarves, lace and silk ribbons.
I will teach you how to prepare your scarf blank, the lace and ribbons then dye them to create one of a kind, creative and colorful wearable masterpiece! In this class you will be using Colorhue Dyes, no other dye will be discussed.

Corsages To Dye For II Start Date: December 4, 2012 3 Lessons/$35.00

Do you find yourself wishing “if only I had a ribbon that was this color or that”, or “why didn’t it come in my favorite colors”? If your answer is YES, then let me invite you to take a colorful journey into the realm of dyeing your own RTD (ready to dye) silk ribbons. I will teach you how to prepare your ribbons then dye them to create one of a kind, creative and colorful ribbons. These ribbons will then be turned into magical works of floral art for your own “corsages to dye for”!

Embellished Silk Treasures Start Date: December 4, 2012 3 Lessons/$30.00

In this class you will take a two silk painter’s hankies and turn them into a work of art! The hankies will be split, sandwiched, then machine stitched into a framed silk canvas base.
This silken canvas will be embellished with a Painter’s Potpourri Pack full of threads, cocoons, a silk carrier rod and assorted threads. But the embellishments do not stop there! You will make your own beads and button shapes; and cut the pelmet Vilene into strips. These components will then be embroidered to the silk canvas with silk buttonhole twist.
Directions will also be given to make silk ribbon pods and additional fabric beads. A few simple embroidered and beaded stitches will add that final touch, turning this unusual group of materials into a one of a kind Embellished Silk Treasure.

Hope that you find something that sparks your interest! Enjoy~ Christen


Tassels, The Ultimate Furniture Jewelry

I have always loved tassels, and my home is filled with these lovely adornments. Here are a few of the unique tassels that I created for classes or just myself.

Persephone’s Bell

This floral tassel definitely belongs in a fairy tale. The top of the tassel is a dyed gourd; the tassel itself is made from wire ribbon formed into gorgeous fuchsias. Wire leaves and silk flowers are also made to enhance the piece. Beads and charms and ribbon worked leaves complete the tassel, adding a silk cord to hang from your fairy garden trellis.

Morning Glory Tassel

The Morning Glory Tassel showcases the many different types of ribbons that I carry in my store. The tassel top was made from a cardboard tube covered with vintage jacquard ribbon. The top was then embellished with hand made flowers and ribbons from the French Wire Ribbon section. The tassel fringes are made from the Hanah Silk Ribbons, 7mm silk ribbon, gauze ribbon and novelty yarns.

Cotillion Tassel

cotillion tassel, ribbonwork, ribbon flowers, ribbon, beads

A very feminine addition to any space inhabited by a woman, perhaps hung on her boudoir mirror or sewing room. The base of the tassel is covered with a small bit of tapestry fabric that is adorned with velvet ribbons and charms. Jacquard ribbons and silk cords are stitched with beads and more ribbon and dangle from the base. These dangles are encrusted with beads and charms. The stem of the silk cord becomes a very stylized fuchsia made from French wire ribbon.

Parisian Couture Tassel

Ribbons and beads are combined to create a magical, colorful, embroidered and festooned tassel. French jacquard ribbon is stitched onto a base with embroidery and beads, which is used for the tassel top. The fringe is a luscious array of Hanah silk bias ribbons combined with beads.

Floral Pastoral Tassel

Floral Pastoral Tassel showcases the many different types of ribbon and their versatility. The tassel top was made from machine stitched cotton paper, reinforced with Timtex, stitched by machine and formed into the shape. The tassel top was then embellished with hand made flowers and ribbons from the Crazy Quilt Ribbon section and our French Wire Ribbon section. The lace and some of the ribbons were hand dyed using the Color Hue dyes. The tassel fringes are made from the Hanah Silk Ribbons. A sprinkling of silk ribbon embroidery and glass beads were added for extra sparkle.

Hope that your home is filled with treasures too!

Enjoy~ Christen

Magical Masks and Wands

I have made several masks and wands to be used as accessories to my wearable art garments, here are a few:

Moonlit Sea was made for a vest called Chandos Summer Storm. The base is pieced from left over fabrics that were used on the vest. The mask is embellished with shisha mirrors, beads, charms, old earrings, carved bone and shell pieces and ribbon.

Madame Butterfly mask was made for my Madame Butterfly jacket. The base is pieced and machine stitched with metallic threads. It is embellished with with fabric yo-yos, shisha mirrors, beads, charms, old earrings, carved bone and shell pieces and ribbon. The base is a piece of drift wood that I spray painted.

Kalahari Spirit Dancer was made for an ensemble with the same name. I pieced fabric onto cardboard, then glued shisha mirrors and strands of glue to cover the raw edges. I applied gold leaf to the glue just as it was drying. I have added all sorts of charms and talismans, and given the piece it’s own spirit.

Polgara’s Mask was made with an old root that I found, that resembled a mask. I added in another piece of wood for the handle. I added in a vintage pheasant feather piece that was attached to an old hat. The piece also has ribbonwork flowers, vintage millinery glass pods, velvet ribbon, a tassel and a jade leaf complete the piece.
White Shell Woman was made for one of my first wearable garments. The base is a piece of driftwood that I sanded and sprayed with shellac. Bits of gathered pieces from nature include coral spines, dried pods, shells, and driftwood. Beads, bells and ribbon complete the design.

Enjoy~ Christen

Scarves and Ties, oh my!

I love scarves! Being allergic to wool it can sometimes be a challenge to find just the right thing for an outfit, so I am always on the lookout, and often I make my own accessories or re-style or revamp an already made item.

This chiffon scarf was a gift with purchase that came from Godiva. How could you go wrong with yummy to die for Chocolate and Purple! I added satin rosettes and posies from my book.

This is a scarf that is entirely made from Hanah Silk bias ribbon. Several different widths were used, and stitched together on the sewing machine. The ruffled roses are also made from silk bias ribbon.

This is a scarf that I knit, from yarn that was made from silk sari borders. It has a lively color combination, lots of colors and fun nubby sections. I made folded edge rosettes from hand-dyed silk velvet ribbon. The centers of the flowers are abalone shell buttons.

This scarf was purchased a few years ago at Cost Plus. It is incredibly detailed with rickrack ribbon stitched into flowers, sequins, and beads! To top it off I made another flower from my book, made from a ribbon that came off a box of Godiva chocolates.

This was a cotton tie that I found at a thrift store several years ago, my guy used to wear it all the time. I thought that it was a perfect garden setting for some of the flowers from my book. I used a great leaf trim for the base, then flowers made from satin, double sided satin, novelty and kimono ribbons. I topped off the embellishments with novelty lady bug and dragonfly buttons; and threw in a few vintage rhinestone buttons.

Enjoy~ Chisten

Creations in Crochet

My friend Gail made me this lovely scarf and I wanted to share it with you. She is an avid crocheter, and this is just a sampling of the flowers, leaves and floral extras that she creates.


She has taught me a few flowers, and these are examples of what I have made with here ideas.

My flower is much simpler than hers are, but I love the color of the novelty yarn and the fact that I had a vintage button to use as the center that matched!

This is a neck-piece that I made after experimenting with the techniques that she taught me. I used Pearl cotton #5 and #8.

This is the matching bracelet, with the flowers stitched down on a vintage Jacquard ribbon. Both the neck-piece and the bracelet have a vintage glass button for the closure.

Enjoy~ Christen