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Spring Classes at Joggles

Well it is that time of year again to announce my Spring classes for Joggles.

I have four new classes, one just for Joggles.

Log Cabin Heart Etui and Pincushion with Christen Brown, 3 lessons/$30.00 beginning June 21, 2012

pincushion and etui

This is a very traditional project, with a contemporary flare. The heart shaped etui and base of the pincushion are both pieced with a version of the Log Cabin technique. The pieced sections are embellished with traditional embroidery stitches using two different types of thread, perle cotton #8 and 6-ply stranded floss. These make an excellent gift for any sewer!

All That Glitters with Christen Brown, 2 Lessons/$25.00 beginning June 26, 2012

metallic threads

Do you love shiny, opulent threads, but are unsure how to use them, well then this may be just what you are looking for!
The class includes a brief history of metallic threads from her article “The Glittering World of Metal Thread Embroidery” for Piecework Magazine.
In the first lesson you will explore how to use these opulent threads in your sewing machine. In the second lesson you will learn how to use them by hand. Please note that this is a technique class only, the sample pieces from each of the lessons can be put into a journal, or assembled however you wish.

Garden of Hearts Garland with Christen Brown, 3 lessons/$30.00 beginning July 10, 2o12

These tiny pieced hearts are a perfect background for these beautiful silk ribbon embroidery stitches. These lovely hearts could also be used as an ornament, a brooch or a small pillow.
There are two different embroidery designs to choose from. Each heart is 3 3/8” wide x 3 3/8” long. The finished garland with three hearts is 3 3/8” wide x 28” long; with five hearts is 3 3/8” wide x 42” long. This is a perfect class for a beginner or experienced student to work with one design that can be used for a variety of projects.

Ribbonwork Roses with Christen Brown, 2 lessons/$20.00 beginning August 14, 2012

ribbon work roses

Who could resist this lovely group of ribbonwork roses?
The flowers include: Romantic Rose, Woven Rose, Folded Edge Rose, Lady Ashley Rose, Concertina Rose, Rick Rack Rose, Cabbage Rose, Rolled Rose, Fontana Rose, Chou Rose, Tudor Rose and Irish Rose. These are made from techniques included in my book and some that are not all of the leaves are from the book and will not be covered in the handout.
This selection of flowers did not make it into my new book, Ribbonwork Gardens, so I have offered these exclusively for Joggles customers at a special price for those who buy the book from Joggles. The class has been written with the student having the book in mind. Attempting the class without the information provided in the book is not recommended. The lessons are a companion to the book.

I have eight popular classes returning:

Scrumptious Scraps with Christen Brown, 5 lessons/$55.00 beginning May 22, 2012

dyed lace  scraps

Kelp Scarf with Christen Brown, 2 lessons/$22.00 beginning May 25, 2012

solvy base with yarns

Corsages to Dye For 1 with Christen Brown, 3 lessons/$35.00 beginning June 8, 2012

dyed ribbon

A Crazy Lady’s Guide to Embellishing with Christen Brown, 4 lessons/$45.00 beginning July 6, 2012

crazy pieced base with embroidery

Beautiful Beaded Blooms with Christen Brown, 2 lessons/$30.00 beginning July 19, 2012

French beaded wire flowers

Creative Thread Embroidery with Christen Brown, 3 lessons/$38.00 beginning July 27, 2012


Fabulucious Felt Florals with Christen Brown, 2 lessons/$25.00 beginning July 31, 2012

felt flowers

Beadazzled Stitches with Christen Brown, 4 lessons/$45.00 beginning August 2, 2012

bead embroidery

Hope to see you in class!

Happy Stitching ~ Christen


Textured and Treated Reticule

This is a new class that I just finished teaching at Joggles, it is called the Textured and Treated Reticule. This was a three-week course to make this four sided purse, though some students opted to make a wall hanging.

machine stitched fabricIn Lesson 1 a portion of the fabric was manipulated with a product called Texture Magic, and another portion was stitched with twin-needle machine embroidery.

cords and trendrils

In Lesson 2 novelty yarns were applied by machine, and  Kreinik’s Fine Braid #8 was used in the bobbin. Machine made metallic vines and tendrils were made with Sulky metallic threads, then were and added to the base. Finally hand stitched rayon cord and hand-made twisted cords made from novelty yarns were added for more texture.

bead embroidery

In Lesson 3 fabric yo-yos were made and stitched to the surface; shisha mirrors were embroidered around the mirrors. Hand embroidery using YLI’s Candlelight threads and Kreinik’s Fine Braid #8 was stitched in a variety of raised and textured techniques. Buttons and charms and bead embroidery are added to finish the embellishments.

Happy Stitching ~ Christen

Embellished Silk Treasures

silk hankies, silk cocoons, silk threads, silk ribbons

Embellished Silk Treasures is a wall hanging made from two different Silk Painter’s Hankies, 1 package of Painter’s Potpourri Thread Embellishment Packs. The base is made from split silk cocoons, which were adhered to Lutrador, then machine embellished with gold threads. This was then embellished further with bits of painted vilene, fabric circles, fiber beads, and ribbon pods. A few embroidery and beading stitches enhance the components.

This class just finished up at Joggles, and the work that the students shared was incredible!

Happy Stitching~ Christen

Elegantly Embroidered Silk Gardens: New Class

Elegant Gardens Wall Hanging/10 Lessons/$90.00

silk ribbon embroidery with ribbonwork flowers

Elegant Gardens consists of nine individual panels worked in a variety of silk bias ribbons and silk embroidery ribbons. Each individual garden is worked in a variety of stitches, which also include extra embellishments such as buttons, vintage lace or charms. Each of these vignettes could also be worked into an existing quilt block or square. There are fourteen embroidery stitches, which you will learn in Lesson 1. There are nine ribbonwork flowers that you will learn throughout the following lessons, with variations of the fourteen embroidery stitches.

Lesson 1: In this class you will learn the embroidery stitches that include the blanket, feather, pistol stitch, outline, straight, couched, lazy daisy, bullion, French knot, ribbon stitch, bullion tipped lazy daisy, petite rose center, ribbon rose and loop stitch. These will be worked in silk embroidery ribbon and threads. In the second part of the lesson you will prepare your squares of fabric for the following classes.

Panel 1~ Roses • Panel 2~ Lace and Irises • Panel 3~ Hanging Heart Vines

ribbon embroideryembroideryribbonwork, silk ribbon embroidery

Panel 4~ Lace and Pansies • Panel 5~ Lace, Roses and Vines • Panel 6~ Ribbon Basket

ribbonwork, embroideryribbonwork, silk ribbon embroideryribbonwork, embroidery

Panel 7~ Fuchsias • Panel 8~ Hanky Basket • Panel 9~Lace and Vines

ribbonwork, silk ribbon embroideryribbonwork, embroideryribbonwork, embroidery

Heartfelt and Simply Lovely

Here a few hearts that I have been working on. All of these were made from synthetic felt and cotton floss.

hearts made from felt

In both of these groups I have worked with reverse applique, padded applique and pieced applique. The stitches are all done in traditional embroidery stitches with two or three strands of cotton floss.

embroidered felt hearts

Enjoy~ Christen