New Class

I have recently been asked to teach for a wonderful site called Maureen’s Vintage Acquisitions. She and her site are dedicated to all things Crazy Quilting. She has a wonderful blog as well, where she often shares her own work. She has many other wonderful and talented teachers working for her, so please do check out her selection of classes.

Dyeing To Be Beautiful 3 lessons, $38.00

dyed ribbons, laces, trims and ribbons

This technique class will teach you how to successfully dye your own fabrics, laces, ribbons, trims and threads to be used in your creative CQ adventures. The dyes are easy to use, with simple sewing, pinning or tying resist techniques. The lesson will only cover the use Colorhue dyes, because they are easy to work with, non-toxic and do not require any setting agents or mordents. Best of all they yield beautiful colors every time. Please note that no other dye will be covered.

Please check out her site, and the link to the class.

Hope to see you there!

Enjoy~ Christen


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