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Winter/Spring 2012 Classes

Here is a line-up for the Winter/Spring Classes that I will be teaching for Joggles.

Crazy Lady’s Guide to Piecing 3 Lessons/$38.00 starting January 20, 2012

The class will cover three different basic CQ (Crazy Quilt) piecing techniques that I use to stitch a base for a garment, quilt, pillow or wall hanging. Each base is assembled machine stitched directly onto a square of muslin as you piece and stitch. I will share with you my experience and my solutions to all of the above questions and more. I will give you ideas on how to choose your fabric, color scheme and how to stitch your base depending on the size of the scraps, strips, and bits of fabric that you have. I will also give you several ideas that I have used to get myself out of those boxed in messes!

Ocean Rivers Bracelet 4 Lesson/$45.00 starting January 26, 2012

This class will teach you a little bit about the freedom of expression the “free form peyote stitch” can bring to your technical repertoire. The launching point of your bracelet and your creative explosion will start with a simple grosgrain ribbon, a small collection of buttons, a variety of seed beads in several sizes and colors combined with a few small treasures. Bring your imagination and creative spirit…

Magic Web 2 Lessons/$28.99 starting February 7, 2012

This is a great technique project; I call it Metallic Threads 101, but it doesn’t stop there. In class you will make a “magic web” from bits of precious scraps, decorative yarns and metallic threads, sandwiched together with Solvy and machine stitching, lots of machine stitching. The unique fabric that you create will be used as a base for a heart shaped brooch that will be embellished with buttons and beads.

Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment 4 Lessons/$45.00 starting February 17, 2012

This is a great introductory class to traditional embroidery stitches with the added flare and dazzle that only seed beads can add. Directions include a simple strip pieced base that you make in the first class, but you can embroider on an already made crazy quilted block from another class.  A variety of stitches are used in each separate embroidered design, a Base Stitch, a Design Stitch, and an Embellished Stitch. Additional embellishments will also be covered such as adding in buttons, sequins, large beads and charms.

Beadoodlery with Christen Brown 2 Lessons/$25.00 starting February 21, 2012

This is an excellent beginning class to learn about beads, free-form stitched bead embroidery, with a step-by-step illustration of the design process. In Beadoodlery you will stitch beads onto to a fabric base to create a “doodled” bead pattern. I will provide 4 different heart shapes, though you can chose any design you like for the base.

Beadazzled Somemore Purse 4 Lessons/$45.00 starting February 23, 2012

This class delves deeply into the wonderful world of bead embellishment, exploring a wide variety of stitches and embroidery techniques. The sample that you will be stitching on can become a purse (using the pattern provided), a pillow or wall hanging, or whatever you choose. The techniques that will be covered are free-form peyote on fabric, free form bead embroidery, multi bead embroidery, attaching trinkets, buttons and charms with beads, and so much more. Your project will start with a beautiful batik fabric, a variety of seed beads in several sizes and colors combined with a collection of buttons, glass charms and larger beads. This class is a must for anyone who loves beads!

Silk Ribbon Brooches 2 Lessons/$20.00 March 13, 2012
This class is a great introduction to silk embroidery ribbons, buttonhole twist, decorative threads and a few basic embroidery stitches. Make this lovely little brooch from one of the three different shapes and garden designs to give as a gift or to keep for your self. The embroidery stitches that will be covered are the woven rose, feather stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy, and French knot.

Embellished Silk Treasures 3 Lessons/$30.00 starting March 16, 2012.

In this class you will take a two silk painter’s hankies and turn them into a work of art! The hankies will be split, sandwiched, then machine stitched into a framed silk canvas base. This silken canvas will be embellished with a Painter’s Potpourri Pack full of threads, cocoons, a silk carrier rod and assorted threads. But the embellishments do not stop there! You will make your own beads and button shapes; and cut the pelmet Vilene into strips. These components will then be embroidered to the silk canvas with silk buttonhole twist. Directions will also be given to make silk ribbon pods and additional fabric beads. A few simple embroidered and beaded stitches will add that final touch, turning this unusual group of materials into a one of a kind Embellished Silk Treasure.

Tandletons 2Lessons/$29.00 staring March 22, 2012

Tandletons=Tatted/needle lace/buttons.
These little threaded works of art are just so much fun to make. I start with a base made from 1″ silk bias ribbon, stuffed with Polyfil. Your Tandeltons will finish at about 1″. All of the stitches are created with a milliner’s needle, cotton and silk threads, silk embroidery ribbon or beads. The techniques that will be covered in class are Traditional Embroidery, Tatted stitches, Needle lace, Beaded Stitches, and Silk Ribbon Embroidery stitches.

Treated and Textured Reticule 3 Lessons/$35.00 staring April 6, 2012

This class is full of cool techniques; it will be hard to decide which one is your favorite! First you will stitch your fabric, shrinking it and manipulating it into a textural base. Next you will create a mesh of specialty threads and covered tendrils or branches. Embellishments and embroidery will include hand applied rayon cord, needlelace, shisha mirrors, and beading. Directions will be given to make a four-sided purse; however you could use your own pattern to make a pillow or wall hanging the choice is yours.

Color Me Happy 2 Lessons/$30.00 starting April 17, 2012

This is a technique class debunks myths, decodes terms and will open your world to the possibilities of COLOR, creating your own colors and dye baths to be exact. The goal of the class will be to create a journal of the dyed silk swatches that you create in each lesson. We will discuss working with color and how to choose colors. The class will only use Colorhue dyes; no other dye will be covered.

Hope that you find something that sparks your interest! Enjoy, Christen


Ribbonwork Gardens by Christen Brown

ribbonwork flowers and leavesI am so excited to announce that my first book “Ribbonwork Gardens“will be available June, 2012. Advanced copies are available now at C&T Publishing!

There are 122 realistic flowers, leaves and garden extras included in the book, with experience levels from easy to advanced. The flowers are showcased in six different garden settings, offering you an array of small, medium and large flowers, each paired with a leaf to create a perfect combination.

I have included photographed step-by-step instructions (which I took), for each of the 122 examples. I have included a comprehensive cutting chart and have listed the types of ribbon that are suitable for each flower/leaf combination and included little extras such as French knots or beads.

There are over 14 basic techniques, some traditional and some that I have created especially for this book. There is a complete compendium with ribbon styles, selection and care, and troubleshooting tips with several gallery pages and examples sprinkled throughout the book for inspiration. The book is a soft cover, and will easily fit on your workspace while you learn and create.

I dedicated this book to my students, and I hope that you become one.

Happy Stitching,