Tea on Tuesday: In the Kitchen

kitchen christmas tree

Kitchen Christmas Tree

Well I got the “Twinkle ON” in the kitchen last week. I have had this wire tree for years, and every year it has a different theme, this year it is in the kitchen. I am collecting old kitchen spoons and tools and hope to have an old fashion display of these rusted metal treasures, (no plastic please!).

vintage cookie cutter ornaments

vintage cookie cutter ornaments

My dad used to build wooden frames shaped as stars or ornaments, and cover them with these really big light bulbs (seen on the tree), and then he would put them on the roof of the garage, and we lit them all through out the month of December. He usually hung lights up all around the front of the house too.

vintage cookie cutter ornaments

vintage cookie cutter ornaments

These are a few of the light bulbs that we found when we cleaned out the garage. I glued green hooks and flowers to the top so that they could hang as ornaments. In the last few years of his life he really liked to use only the blue ones;  he would frame the archway to the front of the house with these.  I am glad to have the few blue ones here because it reminds me of him.

I have been collecting cookie cutter molds and this year I found a great stash at one thrift store, so for .25 each I now have enough to decorate this tree. I added a ribbon bow, ribbon loop, and two flowers to the top of each of the ornaments.

tea cup

Green Tea

Tea today is “Yogi Green Tea” which was a gift from my tea-cup swap partner Judy. I found this really wonderful retro ’70’s tea mug at the same thrift store that I found the cookie cutter molds. Serendipitous adventures always make me SMILE!

Happy tea to you, have a lovely day, and please join Kimmie and the rest of the “tea swigging group” for a cup of joy and good friends!


5 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: In the Kitchen

  1. hi christen! what a fun xmas tree! i love your idea of doing it different each year…the big bulbs make me think of my dad too…we had one strand of those that we hung above the door…happy t tuesday..a little late..

  2. Hi Christen,
    I love your display! It’s so cheerful and retro. I love the retro/”Christmas Story” look. Such fun and lots of memories.
    Have a great last week before Christmas.

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